What Is Intact Movement (FAQ)

Welcome to Intact Movement.

What is Intact Movement?

Intact Movement is a organizing hub for the Intactivist Movement.

What does that mean?

Our mission is to help Intactivists connect. We help them connect with each other, and with the resources they need, and with whatever else they need to accomplish their important mission.

How does Intact Movement help Intactivists connect?

Intact Movement helps Intactivists connect with each other by providing a location-based social network for them. Intact Movement allows activists to list their organization and events, and search based on location.

In addition to driving activists towards real-world connections and events, Intact Movement also provides a platform for activists to connect, collaborate, and share information through forums, groups, and social media functions.

Intact Movement also connects Intactivists to the support they need by allowing Intact-friendly birth, medical, and legal professionals to list their services on the site. We also support the victims of circumcision, by allowing healers and professionals capable of helping men process their feelings to list their services, and allowing foreskin-restoration groups to list their work as well.

In the future, we might expand what we do based on the needs of the Intactivist Movement, and the feedback of our users, but whatever we do it will serve this core mission of connecting Intactivists to what they need.

How does Intact Movement differ from other social networks?

Popular social networks are designed to connect users to advertisers. They accomplish this mission by addicting users to a barrage of content interspersed with ads. Their end goal is that you endlessly scroll through their timeline, whether or not that serves your interests.

While this can be stimulating and entertaining, it does not help accomplish Intactivist goals. Activists trying to find other activists or organize on those platforms must work against the design of those platforms, and constant distraction and polarization they encourage.

Intact Movement is designed to connect activists to resources. We accomplish this mission by building our site around discussion forums and location-based searches. Our end goal is that your time on this site leads to more real-world connections and activism.

Our site is designed to lead to meaningful discussions and drive users’ attention to real-world events and organizations. While other social networks lead to isolation, our goal is to create greater connection.

We recognize this is an ambitious project, but so is Intactivism.

Why should Intactivists use Intact Movement over existing tools?

While existing social networks are useful for sharing your message with strangers, they are unreliable for organizing and vulnerable to censorship.

When activists organize on mainstream social media networks, that network exists as an intermediary between you and your audience. They can change the terms of that connection anytime they wish. Their interests are not aligned to the needs of activists, but advertisers.

As a consequence, most people you wish to reach will not see your content on the dominant social networks unless you are willing to pay those networks large sums for targeted ad campaigns. As an example of this, compare the reach your Facebook posts had when you first signed up to the network to their reach now.

Existing social networks also frequently censor activist messages they don’t like, and the dominant social networks all have organizations that have actively opposed Intactivism on their trust and safety councils,

Even if these organizations do not directly use their influence to censor Intactivist content, they collect all data and messages Intactivists share with each other, and might use this information in future opposition to the movement.

Organizing entirely on mainstream social media platforms creates a long-term vulnerability for the Intactivist movement. While these platforms might be useful for sharing the Intactivist message with non-Intactivists, we feel organizing should be done on platforms run by Intactivists and have created a platform where that can happen.

In summary, other social networks are not aligned to the needs of the Intactivist movement, whereas ours is designed to serve the Intactivist movement.

Can we share non-Intactivist content on Intact Movement?

Our site is for Intactivism only. While we welcome allies from other movements and issues, only discussion of Intactivism and things directly related to the Intactivist movement is allowed.

What stage is Intact Movement in now?

At the time we are writing this post, Intact Movement is still in beta. That means we are testing the site and learning what works and what doesn’t. However, you can still create an account. We need your feedback!

Please join and help us test the site by using the registration link in the upper left to create an account. You can provide feedback on the troubleshooting forum if you discover something that doesn’t work or needs to change.

Are there plans to expand Intact Movement?

Yes. Although we have social media functions, location based listing, private groups, forums, and much more, we are looking to constantly expand and update our site based on the needs of users.

While we can’t promise any specific functions at this time, we are looking to add things like a store, where users can buy educational materials like info cards activists creators or directly contribute money to Intactivist organizations.

The features we add will be based in what our community needs, so how we expand depends on your feedback and support. The best thing you can do if you want us to grow is use the site and contribute your support.

How can I learn more about Intact Movement?

Create an account and check it out!

Use the registration link in the top left corner to create an account.

If you still have a question that we haven’t answered, head to the forums and ask there.


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