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Hi everyone!

I am creating this crowdfunding campaign to ask for your help so that I can finish the first edition of a new book on healing circumcision trauma and circumcision grief I've been working on for some time, with the first draft almost complete.

For anyone affected by this issue, I don't need to tell you how profoundly important this work is, as men suffering from circumcision trauma are in unfathomable pain, and often are unable to find or afford help from an empahetic trauma therapist.

This will be the first book on healing from genital mutilation trauma to ever be published. It has been several years and many hundreds of hours of personal work and study in the making, and I am very excited to bring it to the men who need it.

As some of you may remember, I lost my ride-sharing  income last year due to knee injuries, and so have been living at my dad's place to reduce expenses and donating plasma and doing odd-jobs to eek out living expenses.

Moreover, due to chronic wrist injuries (yeah, my joints suck,) I have been forced to write the whole book on speech-to-text programs. These programs are, frankly, not great, and besides making the process extremely tedious, some of the text is nigh unreadable due to transcription errors and will need extensive editing, something which is beyond the capability of free speech-to-text software.

To fix errors, finish editing the book, and complete the first edition of the book, I am requesting charitable donations and/or pre-orders of the PDF e-book. This will allow me to purchase:

Dragon Professional Speech-to-Text Software


Provide me with living expenses for the next two months while I finish the first version of the book, and then continue work on a second edition. Any additional funds raised will be put toward improving future versions of the book.

I deeply appreciate all donations of all sizes for those simply interested in helping with the cause. For those interested in the PDF e-book, I am offering this as an opportunity to pre-order the book (and I will also send you all future editions of the e-book) for $10.

If you want to do the pre-order option, then after you donate $10 (or more) just send me a message in the box below by clicking "contact" under "organizer" and type "pre-order book to (your email address)" and I will send you a confirmation email within a couple days. You will receive an email with the first edition PDF e-book approximately mid-August.

Alternatively, you can message me directly at jordan(AT)

Just a heads up, the first edition will be the basics of healing, very much an "early adopter" product, as nothing like this has ever been created before, and I am taking this as an opportunity to get feedback, improve the book, and then come out with later editions based on what works best and what needs improvement.

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, as always, feel free to reach out to me, I love hearing from y'all and your support and encouragement means the world to me!

Looking forward to, as from my first YouTube video, helping men heal emotionally, ending this barbaric practice, and, in the not too distant future, regenerating the foreskin for all men who so desire.

Thanks again,

Peace, Love, Foreskin,

Jordan Arel


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